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During the weeks leading up to our virtual event, on October 8, we'll be profiling the eleven amazing women from Southwest PA we're celebrating this year. Today, we meet our Woman of Environmental Justice 
Raina Rippel – Former Director at Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project.

Meet Raina Rippel
Woman of Environmental Justice

In 2011, Raina Rippel helped found the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project (EHP) in response to growing concerns associated with gas drilling activity and health impacts in Washington County, PA.

The EHP focuses their work on gathering data from residents of southwest PA and beyond on probable health impacts from oil and gas development, determining routes of exposures, and providing best-practice air and water monitoring tools and guidance, as well as accessible and effective interventions for individuals, households, and communities.

Formerly Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility /Maine and the Center for Coalfield Justice, Rippel has on the job training in environmental public health, medical education and outreach, community organizing, strategic development and leadership.

Rippel headed up a team of fifteen staff and consultants and various interns with expertise in healthcare, public health research, toxicology, air and water quality, strategic development and community organizing, in conducting a targeted and timely public health response to unconventional shale development.

Congratulations, Raina!



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Each year, PennFuture honors the accomplishments of exceptional women conservationists in Pennsylvania. The 2020 Celebrating Women in Conservation Awards are designed to encourage continuing excellence in conservation and to forge a stronger network of exceptional women working to protect Pennsylvania’s environment. The event also raises important funds to support PennFuture as a watchdog for clean air, water, and energy.

Since its inception in 2015, this event has traveled around the state to different communities to ensure recognition of local leaders, volunteers, and career professionals. And for 2020 we are celebrating women in Southwest Pennsylvania. 



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