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During the weeks leading up to our virtual event, on October 8, we'll be profiling the eleven amazing women from Southwest PA we're celebrating this year. Today, we meet our Woman of Environmental Media, Marketing, and Communications, Kirsi Jansa – Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist

Meet Kirsi Jansa
Woman of Environmental Media, Marketing, and Communications

Kirsi Jansa is a messenger, a connector, and a collaborator.

A native Finn, Kirsi worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company as a reporter, doing her first interview on climate change in the early 1990’s. After moving to the US and Pittsburgh in 2008, she started exploring energy, environmental health, and climate solutions in her short documentary series Gas Rush Stories and Sustainability Pioneers (Patricia DeMarco, a fellow WIC honoree this year, served as a technical advisor for “Sustainability Pioneers").

In 2016, Kirsi and her allies co-founded the Creatives for Climate collective. Kirsi has been practicing compassion-based awareness and openness with Tara Rokpa for over 15 years and is now in training to serve as a Work That Reconnects facilitator. 

Kirsi dreams of a world where we humans pause to connect with our innate wisdom, courage, and care, with each other and with the more-than-human world we all are part of. Learn more about Kirsi at

Congratulations, Kirsi!




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Each year, PennFuture honors the accomplishments of exceptional women conservationists in Pennsylvania. The 2020 Celebrating Women in Conservation Awards are designed to encourage continuing excellence in conservation and to forge a stronger network of exceptional women working to protect Pennsylvania’s environment. The event also raises important funds to support PennFuture as a watchdog for clean air, water, and energy.

Since its inception in 2015, this event has traveled around the state to different communities to ensure recognition of local leaders, volunteers, and career professionals. And for 2020 we are celebrating women in Southwest Pennsylvania. 



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