Tell your State Representative:
Vote NO on S
B 790!

As early as today, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives could vote on Senate Bill 790, a substantial rollback of environmental protections concerning the conventional oil and gas industry.

Our elected leaders should be working to protect the health of Pennsylvanians everywhere in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. Instead, they are more concerned with approving environmental rollbacks and weakening protections that keep us safe from pollution.

Senate Bill 790 would significantly change environmental requirements for conventional oil and gas drilling operators, putting clean air and pure water in jeopardy.

As currently written, Senate Bill 790:

  • Weakens protections for drinking water supplies across Pennsylvania.
  • Allows for significant oil and & gas spills to go unreported.
  • Rolls back rules and regulations governing the industry to 1980s standards.

The time is NOW to urge your representative to safeguard our air and water and not to cater to the interests of gas drillers. There is no good time to weaken or roll back environmental regulations, but a global health pandemic is precisely the wrong time.

Your action is needed now. Contact your state representative and urge them to VOTE NO on rolling back Pennsylvania’s environmental protections!


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