Tell your State Representative:
Vote NO on Environmental Rollbacks in PA

As early as this week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives could vote on SB790, an unprecedented rollback of environmental protections across the state. Our elected leaders must stand against this potentially devastating bill by voting NO on SB 790. Make your voice heard today by telling Harrisburg to prioritize clean air and water, not another set of environmental rollbacks.

Senate Bill 790 would significantly change environmental requirements for conventional oil and gas drilling operators, putting clean air and pure water in jeopardy.

As currently written, Senate Bill 790:

Promotes drilling fluids and wastewater from natural gas extraction to be used on our roads, which threatens the heath and safety of surface waters nearby. Most drilling takes place in rural areas, which is also where many of Pennsylvania’s highest quality streams and headwaters are located.

 - Limits protections for public resources like parks, forests, and wildlife.

 - Rolls back public health protections, including industrial compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act standards.

 - Opens the door to more drilling operations across Pennsylvania, which further endangers our water and air.

The time is NOW to urge your representative to safeguard our air and water and not to cater to the interests of gas drillers.

Your action is needed now. Contact your state representative and urge them to VOTE NO on rolling back Pennsylvania’s environmental protections!


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