ACT NOW: Demand Removal of Sen. Doug Mastriano from Pennsylvania Senate

The ability to hold our elected officials accountable is a hallmark of our democracy. Another hallmark is our freedom to raise our voices, and each of us has a right and responsibility to make our voices heard in times of crises.

To that end, PennFuture, as advocates and as stewards of facts, science, and above all integrity in government, calls for the resignation of any Pennsylvania politician directly involved in or supportive of the violent insurrection last week in Washington, D.C., including State Senator Doug Mastriano, who was in attendance.

Insurrectionists, many armed, stormed the Capitol last week to try to prevent the certification of a free and fair presidential election. Five people died, 14 police officers were injured and 68 insurrectionists have been arrested so far.

Pennsylvanians are scared and angry. Justice must be served, through legal and professional means, against those complicit in this violent sedition so that it never happens again.

Unfortunately, it appears that many people and organizations with Pennsylvania roots played a role in aiding, abetting, and fomenting this attack on our democracy, and state Sen. Doug Mastriano is one of them, as evidenced by pictures posted to social media showing him outside the Capitol before the attack.  

The state senator from Franklin County helped organize a bus trip to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and, though he claims to have abstained from storming the Capitol, Mastriano for months sowed doubt and questioned the integrity of November’s elections and helped stoke the flames that resulted in the violent insurrection. 

To that end, Mastriano had previously boasted about having a direct line to President Donald Trump regarding the president’s efforts to have the election overturned, and even traveled to the White House to meet with Trump after the election. 

Mastriano is facing growing calls to resign, and we agree. After undermining our democracy for months and helping to organize resistance that fueled the violent mob that overtook the Capitol last week, Mastriano has lost his privilege and right to serve in the General Assembly in Harrisburg. 

That’s why we’re asking you to speak up. Tell state Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman to remove Mastriano from the Senate now!


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