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We are writing today to ask you to support two critical pieces of legislation that will be debated by lawmakers this fall in Harrisburg, both of which would use federal American Rescue Plan funds to bring about enormous positive change for clean water across Pennsylvania. 

The first bill, called Senate Bill 525, would reinvigorate a popular conservation program created under former Gov. Tom Ridge two decades ago. 

Specifically, the Growing Greener program provides critical support to community-driven work that improves and protects our cities and towns. Since 1999, Growing Greener has been a lifeline to conservation and clean water projects across the state. These investments bring lasting benefits to communities across Pennsylvania from clean water to open spaces to recreational pursuits for Pennsylvanians and tourists alike.

Senate Bill 525 would replenish the Growing Greener Fund with $500 million in federal American Rescue Plan funds.

The second bill, called Senate Bill 832, would create a new Clean Streams Fund to tackle water pollution from nonpoint sources such as agriculture runoff and drainage from abandoned mines. Specifically, this new Fund would establish new programs and give a boost to existing programs. It would create the Agricultural Conservation Assistance Program to help farmers and the Municipal Stormwater Assistance Program to provide funding to local governments to manage stormwater.

Senate Bill 832 would allocate $250 million in American Rescue Plan funds for clean water initiatives. 

Our state lawmakers received $7 billion in federal funding earlier this year, and instead of using that money to better the lives of everyday Pennsylvnaians, they stowed it away for a rainy day. Funding clean water initiatives isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. 

Do your part today and contact your state senators. Ask them to use this money for the common good by supporting Senate Bill 525 and Senate Bill 832, both of which would have significant positive impacts on clean water in Pennsylvania. 


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