Demand Better Protection from Coke Oven Emissions!

The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) has proposed revisions to the air pollution control regulations related to coke oven emissions.  ACHD’s proposed coke oven regulations do not do enough to improve air quality or reduce coke oven emissions. 

Coke is a fuel used in steelmaking that is produced by baking coal in coke ovens at very high temperatures for a long period of time.  The coke oven gas produced by this process contains toxic chemicals, such as benzene and hydrogen sulfide, and fine particulate matter.  Allegheny County currently has one operating coke oven, the U.S. Steel Clairton Coke Works.  This facility is a major source of pollution in the Pittsburgh region and the neighboring areas consistently experience poor air quality and exceedances of ambient air quality standards.

Revisions to the ACHD coke oven regulations to reduce emissions are long overdue.

However, ACHD has not demonstrated that its proposed revisions to the coke oven regulations will do anything to improve our air quality.  The revisions primarily bring ACHD regulations in line with existing state and federal standards.  That means that Clairton Coke Works is already required to meet those emission standards, and most of ACHD’s proposed changes are unlikely to lead to air quality improvements.

We need your help to let ACHD know that the people of Allegheny County want ACHD to do more to curb coke oven emissions which are negatively impacting our public health. ACHD should issue revisions to the coke oven regulations that improve our air quality and reduce emissions from Clairton Coke Works.

Tell ACHD that it must do more to protect our health from dangerous air pollution by issuing stronger coke oven regulations.  The people of Allegheny County deserve clean air!

The deadline to submit comments on the proposed coke oven regulations is Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 4PM.  Submit your comments as soon as possible!

If you would prefer to provide testimony at the virtual public hearing on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 5PM, you must register here at least 24 hours before the hearing.  Please note that testimony is limited to three minutes.  


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