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If you’ve followed PennFuture’s priorities over the last several years, then you already know all about Pennsylvania’s efforts to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. To that end, we have good news and bad news. 

The good news is that RGGI is almost over the finish line, which is something PennFuture and other environmental organizations have been working toward for the last two years. The bad news is that a few significant hurdles remain until we reach that point, most notably from a contingent of elected officials in the General Assembly who are doing everything in their power to keep Pennsylvania from joining RGGI. 

Just like last year, two bills are currently circulating in the General Assembly that would take away the power of the Department of Environmental Protection to enact a carbon reduction program that would allow us to link with RGGI. 

Specifically, House Bill 637 and Senate Bill 119 are expected to receive consideration in the General Assembly as early as next week, and we need your help to defeat them.

Please do your part today and contact your elected officials and tell them to vote against these misguided bills. 

As if those attempts to block RGGI aren’t enough, our legislators are also trying to pass a resolution that would disapprove of the Environmental Quality Board’s prior approval of the carbon reduction rule that would allow Pennsylvania to join RGGI. 

It’s clear that a contingent of lawmakers in the General Assembly is doing everything in their power to stop us from joining RGGI, even at a time when we must do everything in our power to reduce our carbon pollution. 

Please contact your elected officials. Tell them that we need immediate action to combat climate change, not obstructionist politics and policies. Tell them to vote against HB 637 and SB 119, as well as the disapproval resolution circulating in the General Assembly. 

Thank you. 


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