ACT NOW: Tell Your State Representative to Vote YES on SB 915!

Pennsylvania is a water-rich state with over 86,000 miles of streams. A recent assessment by the Department of Environmental Protection shows that nearly one-third of these waterways are polluted and not meeting designated clean water standards. 

Senate Bill 915 would significantly improve our water quality impacted by nutrient pollution in Pennsylvania. Excess nutrients pollute more than 2,600 miles of the Commonwealth’s streams. One source of excess nutrients comes from applying excess fertilizer.

Excess nutrients fuel plant and algae growth in our streams. When the algae die they can deplete the oxygen available to other life in the waterways, like fish and macroinvertebrates. Excess algae can also cloud the water, reducing the sunlight available to important vegetation that provide food, cover, and habitat for aquatic life. 

It is time for Pennsylvania to implement real solutions to clean up our local streams, creeks, and rivers. This lawn fertilizer legislation has received support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. We feel that this is the next common-sense step to homeowners helping with their share of nutrient reduction.

Senate Bill 915 protects waterways from a leading cause of impairment across the Commonwealth by:

  • Establishing best practices and application rates that are protective of rivers and streams;
  • Developing a professional certification program along with training and recordkeeping requirements for commercial applicators;
  • Creating an educational program for homeowners and farmers on proper application rates and best practices for using and storing fertilizers; and,
  • Protecting consumers through standardization of fertilizer composition and labels.

Will you act on behalf of our rivers and streams to protect them from the harmful impacts of too much fertilizer? Act now and demand your representative votes yes on SB 915!


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